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Referendum On Southern Sudanese Independence

"From January 9th through January 15th the people of South Sudan will vote in a referendum to decide if they want to remain part of Sudan or break away to form an independent nation.

"This historic vote was guaranteed by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 which ended more than twenty years of civil war between north and south Sudan that claimed more than two million lives.

"Help spread the word about this historic moment for Sudan!"

Write a letter to the editor to support the Endangered Species Act

From The Center for Biological Diversity:

"Please, write a letter to the editor and let your community know how important it is that we save the Endangered Species Act. We have created a sample letter as an option for you to use, or you may choose to write your own or edit the letter."

Don't let them kill health care again!

From SEIU:

"Opponents of health care reform are pulling out all the stops in their partisan maneuvering to halt our movement.

"We need to act quickly. Right now, there are 47 million Americans without health care. They have no idea that people in Washington are playing politics with their lives and they deserve to know.

"Use our online toolkit to write a short letter to your local newspaper right now. We’ve even included some basic talking points you can use to let people know what’s happening in Washington."

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