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Add Your Name to Keep Health Care on the Map

From SEIU:

Work with the President-Elect for Real Health Care Reform. Add Your Voice to the Map.

ALERT: Sarah Palin coming to Philadelphia

Sarah Palin will be in Philadelphia on Saturday, October 11. She will be doing a fundraiser at the Park Hyatt At The Bellevue, 19th Floor, 200 South Broad Street.

Last week, with only 5 hours notice, we turned out hundreds to protest the Bush/McCain/Palin policies. see the video at

Let's see what we can do this time with a week's notice. The Palin event starts at 4:30 PM. We should plan on arriving around 3:00.

Spread the word widely.

Michael Morrill
Executive Director
Keystone Progress

Demand that John McCain stand up against his party's shameful strategy to challenge voters


"This year, Republicans in Michigan have hit an all-new low--they plan to target homeowners subject to foreclosure and prevent them from voting.

"Join us in demanding that John McCain denounce this plan and call on Republican leaders--in Michigan and around the country--to end this illegal strategy."

Action Page 2008-01: Barack Obama for President

America has been speeding in the wrong direction for nearly eight years. Under the Bush administration, our nation has become mired in an unjustified war; our economy has suffered from a weakening dollar, astronomical oil prices, mortgage crises and widespread bank failures; the EPA has failed to regulate the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming; and the number of Americans uninsured by health coverage has reached 47 million. Change is in order, and the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election will decide our nation's ability to effect that change.

National Media Corps Action Alert 2007-03: Support Legislation to Curb Global Warming

Global warming is the most critical environmental problem facing our planet. Worldwide climate change, largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels, presents a grave threat to the Earth’s future. Already, Inuit peoples living in Arctic regions, as well as animal species such as polar bears, find their very existences threatened by excessive warming of their climate. Rising ocean levels caused by the melting of polar ice caps threaten to push our shorelines inward, threatening residents of coastal areas.

National Media Corps Action Alert 2007-02: Demand Action by Congress on HR 676 (United States National Healthcare Insurance Act)

For the third year in a row, the Media Corps is attempting to raise awareness about America's health care crisis. This year is different, however, because we now have Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. We congratulate the Democratic Leadership for accomplishing their "100 Hours Agenda." But we also must remind them that "A Healthcare System that Works for Everyone" was part of their 6-point agenda for the 2006 election.

National Media Corps Action Alert 2007-01: Oppose Escalation of Iraq War; Demand Safe Withdrawal of American Troops

American troops have unnecessarily been in harm's way for far too long. The invasion of Iraq, begun in March 2003, has dragged on with no end in sight. Long after President Bush's infamous "Mission Accomplished" appearance in May of 2003, American casualties continue to mount: over 3000 dead and tens of thousands seriously wounded. The American occupation has failed to stabilize Iraq, instead fanning the flames of civil war.

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