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Climate change 'paused'? Uh, deniers, just listen to the warm

Posted at Thursday, October 10, 2013,

"WHAT IS IT about the hottest decade in recorded history that's so hard to understand?

"The first decade of this millennium - 2001 to 2010 - was the warmest since measurements began 160 years ago. The earlier hottest decade was during the 1990s. And the record-breaker before that? The 1980s. These are undisputed facts."

U.N. study: Excess heat in oceans pose threat

August 27, 2013 at 11:48 pm

by Alex Morales (Bloomberg News)

"The oceans are becoming a repository for almost all the Earth’s excess heat, driving up sea levels and threatening coastlines, according to a leaked draft of the most comprehensive United Nations report addressing climate science."

From The Detroit News:

Let’s enact a new Voting Rights Act

By Norman Ornstein, Published: July 17, 2013

"Imagine an intersection with a long history of high-speed car crashes, injuries and fatalities. Authorities put up a traffic light and a speed camera — and the accidents and injuries plummet. A few years later, authorities declare 'mission accomplished' and remove the light and speed camera. No surprise, the high-speed crashes and fatalities resume almost immediately.

"This is the logic that animated Chief Justice John Roberts’s decision to fillet the Voting Rights Act and that had conservative pundits, including George F. Will, praising the act as they simultaneously exulted in its demise. The predictable result took less than a day: Texas reinstated its racially tilted gerrymandered redistricting plan and moved to implement its highly restrictive voter ID law, under which voters can be required to travel as far as 250 miles to get identification. The real intent, voter suppression, is clear in the legislation’s provision that a concealed-weapon permit can be used to vote but a valid student photo ID cannot."

What matters now about marriage

Fighting gay marriage is wrong, and the battle does nothing to strengthen the institution overall.

May 26, 2013 | By David Blankenhorn for The Los Angeles Times

"Let's be honest: The gay marriage debate is nearly over, and nothing the Supreme Court does when it delivers its opinions on the federal Defense of Marriage Act and on the fate of California's Proposition 8 is likely to change that astonishing fact."

Canada Sells Out Science

By Phil Plait for Slate | Posted Monday, May 13, 2013

"Over the past few years, the Canadian government has been lurching into antiscience territory. For example, they’ve been muzzling scientists, essentially censoring them from talking about their research. Scientists have fought back against this, though from what I hear with limited success.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle East?

By Fred Kaplan for Slate | Posted Monday, March 11, 2013

"On Feb. 26, 2003, President George W. Bush gave a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, spelling out what he saw as the link between freedom and security in the Middle East. 'A liberated Iraq,' he said, 'can show the power of freedom to transform that vital region' by serving 'as a dramatic and inspiring example … for other nations in the region.'

"He invaded Iraq three weeks later. The spread of freedom wasn’t the war’s driving motive, but it was considered an enticing side effect, and not just by Bush. His deputy secretary of defense, Paul Wolfowitz, had mused the previous fall that the spark ignited by regime-change 'would be something quite significant for Iraq … It's going to cast a very large shadow, starting with Syria and Iran, but across the whole Arab world.'

"Ten years later, it's clear that the Iraq war cast 'a very large shadow' indeed, but it was a much darker shadow than the fantasists who ran American foreign policy back then foresaw."

Climate-change Denying Senator James Inhofe Wins 2012 Rubber Dodo Award

"Senator James Inhofe -- one of Congress' staunchest deniers of climate change -- is the winner of the Center for Biological Diversity's 2012 Rubber Dodo award.

"The Center gives out the award every year to the worst of the worst -- those in a class of their own for their monumental opposition to protecting wildlife and the environment."

How can we protect our kids in a culture that accepts guns?

By Petula Dvorak, Published: December 15

"We live in a society that makes it very, very easy to kill kids, although we want to pretend that isn’t true.

"The 20 young children gunned down inside Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday were swaddled in federally regulated, fire-retardant blankets, rode in elaborate car seats plastered with safety stickers, and learned to ride bikes with elbow pads, knee guards and safety helmets. Some of them may never have had a Twinkie pass their lips.

"Cribs, bouncy seats, cough medicine, scooters, sugary snacks — we have no problem regulating the life out of those. But how do we keep our children safe in their kindergarten classrooms when we live in a culture that has persuaded itself to accept guns?"

The Republicans' Latino problem

By Star-Ledger Editorial Board
November 08, 2012

"Latinos, it turned out, had a huge hand in President Obama’s win. At least 70 percent voted for him, and their portion of the vote is growing fast every year.

"If this continues, Republicans are doomed. They won the white vote solidly in this race, and it was not nearly enough. Obama also claimed more than 90 percent of black voters, along with more than 70 percent of Asians.

"Face it: Whites can’t save the GOP anymore."

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